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Uncontracted Capacity Outlook (INT 929)

This report displays the 12-month uncontracted capacity outlook for each BB pipeline and BB storage facility. Note the following outlook types Storage Facilities: PRODC = Maximum daily capacity of the gas storage facility. WDLC = Capacity that the storage facility can withdraw into the BB storage facility. INJC = Capacity that the storage facility can inject from the BB storage facility. Pipelines: TRANC = Transmission Capacity of a pipeline in the default flow direction, REVC = Transmission Capacity of a pipeline in reverse flow direction. All values shown are an average terajoules per day (TJ/d) for each outlook month. "S1" denotes a value that has been generated by the database, deemed to be the same as the previous month’s value. For more information regarding Uncontracted Capacity Outlooks, see Section 5.7 Uncontracted Capacity Outlooks of the Natural Gas Services Bulletin Board Procedures v7.0.



Selected Plants

Outlook Types